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Research fundings
Supervisions PDF Print E-mail

PhD supervisions

First name, Family name PhD title
Defence date
Follow up
Harasthani, Rima Term alignment from comparable corpora  (French) 10/02/2014 Supervisor: E. Morin, LINA  (50 %)
Computer Sciences
Research engineer, Paris
Prajol Shrestha Intermodality alignment from monolingual comparable corpora
10/10/2013 C. Jacquin, LINA (70 %) Computer Sciences Research engineer Vision Object 
Estelle Delpech
E. Morin - LINA (50 %) Computer Sciences
Research head, Moneo
Matthieu Vernier
Fine-grained Subjectivity Analysis (French)July 2011
L. Monceaux - LINA (70 %) Computer Sciences
Co-promoter  Dictanova company
Vincent Jousse
Automatic indexing of speakers in audio documents (French)May 2011
C. Jacquin - LINA (35 %)  S. Meignier - LIUM (35 %) Computer SciencesTechnical director, KNP Labs
Fabien Poulard
Detecting textual derivatives (French)March 2011
N. Hernandez - LINA (70 %) Computer SciencesCo-promotor Dictanova company
Yukie Nakao
Analyse contrastive français-japonais du discours en langue de spécialité - Modalité et définition phrastiqueJuly 2010
 K. Kageura - U. de Tokyo (50 %)
Emmanuel Prochasson
Multilingual alignment from specialised comparable corpora (French)December 2009
E. Morin - LINA (50 %) Computer SciencesPostDoc, Hong Kong University
Lorraine Goeuriot
Characterization and Compilation of Specialized Comparable Corpora (French) January 2009
 E. Morin - LINA (50 %)
Computer Sciences
PostDoc, Nanyang
Technological University, Singapur
Siham Boulaknadel
NLP and IR for Arabic language in specific domain: contribution of
morphological and syntactical knowledge for indexing
October 2008
D. Aboutajdine - U. Mohamed V, Rabat, Marocco Computer Sciences
Researcher, IRCAM, Maroc 
Estelle Dubreil
The Argumentative Part of Textual Collocations in an Electronic Corpus specialized on the TAL(N) Community (French) October 2006
O. Galatanu  - CERCI, U. Nantes (50 %) Linguistics
Engineer, Blue XML, Nantes 
Freddy Perraud
Modélisation du langage naturel appliquée à la reconnaissance de l'écriture manuscrite en-ligne (French) December 2005
C. Viard-Gaudin, IRCCyN (25 %), E. Morin, LINA (25 %), P.-M. Lallican, Vision Objects (25 %)
Computer Sciences
Research engineer Vision Object 
Annie Tartier
Analyse automatique de l'évolution terminologique : variations et distances (French)
October 2004

Supervisor : A. Dikovsky - LINA (20 %) 

Computer Sciences
Associate professor, U.  Nantes 
Nordine Fourour
Identification et catégorisation automatique des entités nommées dans les textes français (French)
June 2004
 E. Morin - LINA (50 %)
Computer Sciences


Ongoing thesis


Family name, First name
PhD titleStart
 Co-supervisingSpéciality Founding
Loginova,Elizaveta Multilingual term variations 1/09/2011
Computer Sciences TTC project + Pays de Loire region
Bougouin, Adrien Key-phrase extraction in Humanities 1/10/2012
F. Boudin, LINA (60 %)
Computer Sciences National ANR project TERMITH (CONTINT 2012)
Hmida, Firas Knowledge Rich Contexts for Machine aided Human Translation 1/2/2013
PHD main supervisor E. Morin, LINA (50 %)
Computer Sciences National ANR project CRISTAL (CONTINT 2012)


HDR supervisions

Emmanuel Morin, Synergie des approches et des ressources déployées pour le traitement de l'écrit. HDR, Computer sciences. University of Nantes. November 2007.


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